$150.00 USD

Admission Procedures

Mauna Loa Helicopters has an open enrollment policy. However, at certain times it may be necessary for us to limit our enrollment. This is to ensure that each student who applies has the potential and motivation to successfully train and complete our program. For admission we require the following from each applicant prior to enrollment:

  1. Completed Submittable Enrollment Application 
  2. Copy of your passport 
  3. Copies of your diploma and transcripts (original and translated if not in English) 
  4. A $150  non-refundable enrollment fee. Receipt of these fees guarantees you a training slot as scheduled with an Administrator at Mauna Loa Helicopters. A nominal 4.167% -4.712% Hawaii general excise tax will be charged to your student account. 
  5. Professional Pilot Program only: Copy of a High School Diploma/Transcript or GED or  College Diploma/Transcript
  6. A copy of FAA medical
  7. Proof of your AFSP application 
  8. A short video of yourself answering three key questions

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.